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3 Tips for an Easy Moving Experience Whether you plan on moving to a different state, or if you’re hoping to just make your way to a better part of town, getting all of your belongings there can be a huge hurdle. Aside from accounting for all the things you want to bring with you, organizing them and placing them into designated boxes, and then transporting them to your new location, you need to make sure that everything is kept safe and damage free throughout the whole process. Regardless of how long you think it might take you to complete a moving job, there are things you can do to make it easier. Find out how to have an easy moving experience with these three pro tips. 1. Start Small – Packing up an entire house takes a lot of effort. Any homeowner who confronts the thought might even think twice about their move all together. To lessen the stress, choose instead to start fixing up small sections until you’re able to clear out an entire room. For instance, packing away the items in your nightstand before you move on to your closet and then to the underside of your bed will make it easier to clear out an entire bedroom. Once a room is done, move on to the next using the same strategy. 2. Get Smart with Organizing – Of course, everyone already knows that it’s wise to keep similar items together. Pans and plates go with kitchen items, shirts and pants go in their own clothing box, and pictures and d?cor can be placed in a decorations box. But to make your organizing even more efficient, you can use strategies like transparent storage boxes that make it easier to spot what’s inside. You can also use shirts and other fabrics to wrap up fragile items to cut back on the cost of wrapping papers and bubble wrap. Finally, you can easily keep an inventory and find things easier by placing a list of all the items you’ve packed in a box taped outside for easy identification.
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3. Hire a Professional Moving Company – Anyone knows that if you really want an easy moving experience, you should hire a moving company. There professionals will make sure that each and every item you pack is brought to your new home with utmost safety. They also make sure to brief everyone involved so that no one is left in the dark about the moving process. Finally, they also eliminate the need for you to make multiple trips back and forth between your new house and the old one just to pick up boxes that didn’t fit on the first trip.Moving: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make